Meet the Team


Rita Visintine

Preschool Director 

I have been a teacher in the 3's, 4's, and Jr.  Kindergarten classes at Union Preschool since 2006.  Before coming to Union, I babysat nieces and nephews in my home.  I regularly volunteered at St. Joan of Arc Parish and School.  I spearheaded many fundraisers and activity days involving children of all ages. My Children attended Union over 20 years ago. Their experience is what drew me back to be a part of a staff dedicated to nurturing the preschool child. In July 2021, I was honored to accept the position of Director at Union Preschool. 

Monica Hunyar

Office Administrator


This is my 18th year at Union Preschool.  I began as a substitute teacher and later took over the Lunch Bunch Program.  Two years ago I moved into the office as secretary.  I thrive within nature and have always had a passion for exploring nature and sharing those experiences with children.  I was fortunate to be part of the beginning of the Union Preschool Outside Nature Garden.  It is pleasing to have now moved into the office where I get to keep all things organized

Kelly Curry



I am a certified teacher with over a decade and a half of classroom experience. I took several years off to stay at home with my son. He attended Union Preschool and loved it! When he started Kindergarten in 2015, an opportunity arose for me to join the Union Preschool staff and I couldn’t be happier. It is an absolute pleasure to work with your children. Guiding them to make discoveries about the world around them and become independent learners is my goal. It is a privilege to be a part of your child’s first school experience! In my free time I enjoy reading, traveling, and spending time with my family. 

Kathy Brockland



Kathy is an experienced educator who has been teaching at Union Preschool for 19 years. She strives to instill her own passion for reading in her students, and seamlessly integrates science, math, and other subjects into the daily activities and projects in her classroom. She believes in the value of developing personal relationships with each child in order to help them grow throughout the year, and fosters a sense of community among her students so they learn from each other. She wants her students to come away with a lifelong love of learning, and you can find her playing games, reading, and singing with her class.

Joan Landholt



Hi, I'm Joan Landholt! I'm a graduate of Cor Jesu Academy and St. Louis University. I've been teaching at Union Preschool for 13 years and I love it! It's so fun seeing and hearing about the world from the children's points of view. In my free time, I enjoy participating in Community Theater. 

Julie Kuhnert



I've been working with children for the past fifteen years in multiple capacities.  In 2011 my family & I volunteered in Belize for a year, where I began working in a classroom setting.  Since then, I've worked in classrooms with children of all ages and backgrounds.  As a mother of 5, some with special needs, I've learned to adapt situations to the needs of each individual and I enjoy celebrating each child's uniqueness. I love all things creative and enjoy exploring the outdoors with young inquisitive minds.  It's a joy working with young children because of their creativity, imagination, and eagerness to explore like no other. 


Angelica Hunyar


Hello! My name is Angelica Hunyar and this is my 2nd year at Union!

The Union community has welcomed me with open arms and I am grateful to have their support. I am excited to continue my teaching journey here. I have studied and worked in education for 6+ years and am enjoying every minute of it. 

Being part of a child's growth individually and socially is a special thing. I am proud to support their development and strive to help each child reach their full potential. I thrive on the energy and creativity the children bring to the classroom. I enjoy the challenge of taking the children on an adventure through their imagination and work hard to ensure a welcoming and stimulating environment.


Lauren Farrell



Hi! I’m Mrs. Lauren Farrell, this is my fifth year as a teacher at Union Preschool. I subbed here previously and have worked at other children’s programs throughout the years.  I was a stay at home Mom when I became interested in early childhood education, so I started taking ECE courses through the community college.  Not only did the program help me grow as a Mom but it was then that I found my passion, teaching preschoolers!  Not only do I love the process of child development but being a preschool teacher gives me an outlet for my creative side. I have three children, ranging from two to teen.  My favorite things to do with them include; going to parks, riding bikes and swimming. One of our favorite “Saint Louis” places to visit is the Botanical Gardens.  Things I like to do for myself are refinishing furniture, taking photos and reading.

Jenny Delf



I am a 1998 graduate of Fontbonne University with a B.A. in Communication Studies. I worked in PR and Advertising for 10 years before switching career paths to allow for more time with my family. I started at Union Preschool as a substitute teacher in 2009 and joined the staff as Office Secretary in 2011. After several years, in the Preschool office, I moved to the classroom - and I LOVE it! As the first stop for children on their educational journey, I strive for a warm, welcoming, hands on classroom. If we have mastered walking in a straight line and sharing with our classmates, I consider it a successful semester! I am a wife and mother of 3 beautiful Union Preschool graduates.

Michele Villa

Director Emeritus 

I am a certified teacher with a degree in Psychology and Special Education from St. Louis University. After working in Special School District and starting a family, I began teaching at Union Preschool where each of my children had attended. That was 1987.  From the beginning, I have loved the preschool and here I’ve stayed. It has always been a warm, vibrant, happy place perfect for young families and children starting out. After becoming the director in 1997, I have strived to keep the supportive environment that honors the children’s sense of wonder and allows them to grow and learn through discovery and the wise guidance of my fantastic staff.