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Reviews and Testimonials

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"Union has been home to 2 of my 3 kids so far. We could not ask for a better experience. The teachers are organized and passionate about children, and it shows. We want to thank Union for many years of education and memories with our children.​

Thank you for everything, Union!"

— Michelle


"This school is AMAZING! I can speak for my family’s experience and have seen remarkable changes with my 4yr old son. He absolutely loves his teacher and everything is engaging for him. Everyone is warm and accommodating and genuine. Couldn’t be happier!"

--- Crystal

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"Our family has loved Union preschool. It has been the best starter school for our kids getting them ready for kindergarten. Through play, attentive and wonderful caring teachers it has helped our kids flourish in their development and they have had so much FUN!! 
Couldn’t recommend more!!"

— Lissy


"We decided to send our oldest here because of its closeness to our home (walkability) and because of the many praises we heard from family (who attended when they were young) as well as friends who currently or have sent their kids here. I can say we are beyond impressed with my sons first spring class and his teacher Mrs Delf who always went above and beyond. For his first experience away from home and his parents i want to sing praises. The growth he made in just a few short months was amazing especially considering he had a new baby sister in that time. We loved to see and hear about all the great things happening in the classroom. I would recommend union to anyone."

— Jenny

"After searching and touring the many preschool options in St. Louis, Union was the clear choice. A hidden gem, with a unique model that rotates children through classrooms to keep them engaged. Each teacher and administrator treats my child with dignity and respect. The day centers around play and exploration based learning rather than rote memorization. I knew I was in the right place when one of the moms in my son's pk3 class told me she was driving from Arnold because she had such good memories of Union."

— Danielle


"What I liked best was riding bikes in the gym and so many rooms to play in! The teachers obviously made an impression on me as I returned throughout grade school and high school to volunteer. Wonderful experiences 17 years ago. Returned recently to be "wowed" again by the renovations - same great program with a beautifully renewed space!

Yes, I would recommend Union Preschool!

I wish I was a kid again!"

— Elizabeth

"Union is by far the best school in St. Louis!!!! You are doing it right. You shed light and gave hope when the world around us got dark. We will forever love you."

— Wendi

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