Lunch Bunch

The Lunch Bunch program gives your child the opportunity to enjoy school activities and social interaction for an additional time period and gives you an occasional opportunity to extend your day for personal appointments or a lunch date. It is an optional program Monday through Thursday and filled on a first come basis. 


The children enrolled in the morning classes may sign up for Lunch Bunch, which would allow them to stay until 1:00. This extended time will include an activity an art time, gym time and lunch.


Reservations and payment must be made in advance. You may enroll in August and September for a permanent status in Lunch Bunch for the year. That way you can be assured of a space and you will not be bothered with a monthly request form. We will just send you a notice of the fee for the coming month. 


For those who would like to sign up occasionally, we will be accepting reservations for the month on the 1st of the preceding month. Please send a note or fill out the request form with dates listed to the office along with payment. If the dates are already filled, we will return your payment or check for alternate dates. The cost per session is $10.00.


Lunch:  Each child will be expected to bring a lunch in a box or a bag marked with the child’s name and homeroom. Lunches for the children arriving at 8:45 will be collected by the staff. The lunches will be stored in the hall outside the Snack Room. The lunches will not be refrigerated. You may put a cold pack in the lunch if you would like. Our facility is a Peanut free school. Please remember that when packing your child’s lunch. Sorry… that means no peanut butter or other peanut products. If you do send a nut-butter or other item that looks like peanut butter, you must label it.